Sexual Health Articles

9 Ways to Get Yourself Wet – Naturally

Achieving optimal arousal and natural lubrication is an essential part of enjoying a fulfilling and pleasurable sexual experience.

10 Simple Ways to Last Longer in Bed

Spaffing your load too soon?
Transform ordinary nights into extraordinary experiences with these simple techniques for quick wins and longer lasting fun!

Should I Use a Condom for Oral Sex?

Absolutely! When it comes to sexual health, it is important to prioritise the use of protection to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). While many people understand the importance of using condoms during vaginal and anal sex, there is often...

Masturbation with a Condom: A Comprehensive Guide

Masturbation is a natural and healthy way to explore your own body and experience sexual pleasure. While it is typically a solo activity, using a condom can add an extra layer of protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy. In this...