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The Best Condoms in Australia

Condoms are available in so many different shapes, sizes, colours and materials that the choice can often be a little overwhelming. The huge variety of choice only makes it more difficult for you to know which is the most suitable.

This article will help you understand how to identify the best condoms for both you and your partner.

Let’s get into it, so to speak.

What’s in this guide?

First off, we’ve done all the research for you to give you a head start on generating a shortlist to choose from. 

Why can you trust our opinion? Well, we’ve been researching, writing and have, in the past, actively sold condoms in Australia via this very site.

We know all the condoms from all the brands that are available in the market, have handled and tried most of them out ourselves (it was an arduous process but somebody had to do it, sigh).

All of the condoms listed in this guide are readily available to buy online or at your local chemist (E.g. Chemist Warehouse, Priceline etc) or supermarket (Coles, Woolies, IGA etc).

So, what is the ‘best’ condom?

The best condom is the one that both you and your partner feel most confident and comfortable with.

We recommend trying a few different types of condoms out and have an honest conversation with your partner as to which felt most enjoyable and comfortable for you both.

If you feel that a condom is a distraction either in the sensation, comfort or anxiety then chances are it’s not the right one for you.

Think of condoms like shopping for shoes. You need to get the right size for you and choose the right type for the activity you’re looking to undertake.

If you wear the wrong-sized leather business shoes for a mountain hike then you’re going to have a rough time.

Once you find the condom that works for you, it’ll quite literally transform how you feel and enable you to enjoy safe sex without distraction.

Best Ultra-Thin Condoms

Advances in condom manufacturing technology and materials, coupled with high market demand, have led to condoms becoming increasingly available in ‘thin’ varieties

‘Thin’ refers to the thickness of the condom wall (the condom material) which, for thin and ‘ultra-thin’ condoms, is typically 50% of a standard condom.

It’s common for Ultra-thin condoms to also have a smaller nominal width (i.e. girth). This provides a tighter fit, which can again contribute to a thinner wall through being stretched, and heightened sensitivity.

Our top rated ultra-thin condoms are:

  1. Ansell Lifestyles Zero
  2. Durex Fetherlite Ultra-Thin (Editor’s Choice)

Ansell Lifestyles Zero

ansell zero condoms

Made from an ultra-thin premium quality latex, Ansell’s Zero range is around 45% thinner than the standard Ansell range.

Combining the ultra-thin finish with special long-lasting lubricant, they one of the closest things to feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Find them on Amazon Australia


You’ll pay a premium price for this premium condom at around $1 to $1.25 per condom from most retailers. Ansell Zero are not available to buy in bulk, only in quantities of 8 or 16 from both offline and online retailers.

Key Features

  • Nominal width of 52mm is slightly below average, but is comfortable enough for anyone who normally uses ‘regular’ sized condoms.
  • Ultra-thin condoms increase sensitivity for an ‘is it even on?!’ feeling
  • Coated with a non-spermicidal lubricant to provide extra comfort and enjoyment

Durex Fetherlite Ultra-Thin

Unlike Ansell’s Zero condoms, Durex Fetherlites are made from natural latex.

The latex however is ~20% thinner than the latex Durex use in their standard range such as the Durex Regular. Fetherlites feature a 52mm nominal width designed to fit a wide range of individuals.

Find them on Amazon Australia


Fetherlites are available in a range of box sizes, meaning you can make a saving by buying in larger quantities.

A box of 10 Durex Fetherlites cost around $6.50 (65c/condom) in a supermarket or chemist however a box of 30 is around $12-15 on Amazon.

Whilst priced higher than regular condoms, they’re one of the best condoms available and are an attractive option at roughly half the price of the similarly thin Ansell Zero or Skyn condoms and certainly place them up there as one of the best condoms available in Australia.

Key Features

  • Super thin wall for heightened sensation
  • Nominal width of 52mm (slightly smaller than regular condoms)
  • Pre-lubricated for added comfort
  • Made of natural rubber latex (some prefer this to polyisoprene condoms)


Best Small Condoms

Using the right size condom is imperative for both safety and enjoyment. An ill-fitting condom (especially one that is too and becomes loose) is not only uncomfortable, but also not as effective in preventing pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s).

If you find that ‘regular’ sized condoms simply don’t fit in terms of slipping off during use or don’t feel as snug as you’d expect, then small condoms could be the right choice for you. Most smaller sized condoms offer a snugger fit thanks to a narrower width, typically around 48-50mm.

Our contenders for the best condom in smaller sizing are;

  • Glyde Slimfit Condoms
  • Four Seasons Naked Closer Fit

GLYDE Slimfit

glyde slimfit

Benefiting from GLYDE’s patented ultra-thin latex technology, these condoms maximise feeling without compromising security.

These are also certified vegan and Fair-Trade, so are perfect for those who are either vegan and/or the more ethically conscious.

Buy a pack of 100 now on Amazon Australia


GLYDE Slimfit are only available in bulk packs of 100. As such they offer fantastic value at just 45c/condom with 100 costing $44.95 from Amazon Australia.

They are generally only available in bulk online.

Key Benefits

  • Great value
  • Vegan-friendly and Fair Trade
  • Available in bulk or at Australian Health Clinics

Four Seasons Naked Closer

four seasons naked closer condoms

Also measuring in at 49mm for a snugger fit, the Naked Closer range feature an ultra-thin, pre-lubricated design offering a tight fit for a ‘barely there’ sensation.


Packs in varying sizes are available from Amazon;

Key Benefits

  • 49mm width, tighter fitting condom
  • Pre-lubricated (non-spermicidal)
  • Transparent in design
  • Available in bulk for cost savings

Best Large Condoms

If you or your man more than pack the undies, then you’ll be wanting something a little larger to  provide a secure option with less risk of breakage.

Large condoms typically measure 56-60mm in width, offering a more comfortable fit.

Our contenders for best large condom are:

  • Ansell Lifestyles Large
  • Glyde Maxi
  • Four Seasons Naked Super Fit

Ansell LifeStyles Large

ansell large condoms

The Ansell Large range are ~5mm wider than ‘regular’ sized condoms at 58mm.

Combined with an Easy-fit shape, these condoms provide a better fit for the wider girthed gent.

Find them on Amazon Australia


Priced at ~$7 for 12 off and online (56c/condom) from Amazon and around $34.95 for 144 in bulk (24c/condom)

Key Benefits

  • Generous 58mm width great for larger sized men
  • Easy-fit shape provides added comfort
  • Available in bulk for cost savings
  • Great for use with sex toys (recommend using with a water-based lubricant)

Glyde Maxi

glyde maxi

At 56mm width, Maxi’s are at the smaller-end of ‘large’ condom scale – great for those who find regular condoms just slightly too tight.

Made with GLYDE’s patented ultra-thin latex technology, these are a premium condom that offer a comfortable, odour-free experience.

Buy a box of 100 on Amazon Australia


Whilst a premium condom, GLYDE Maxi’s are only available in a bulk – typically in a box of 100 for $30-35.

Key Benefits

  • Premium odour-free condom
  • Slightly larger than regular but not huge
  • Certified vegan and Fair Trade.

Four Seasons Naked Larger

four seasons naked larger

A larger sized condom with enhanced silicone lubricant that delivers a comfortable fit that doesn’t compromise on feeling.


Naked Larger’s are available in either retail box from most chemists and supermarkets or in bulk via online retailers.

Buy from Amazon Australia

A retail box of 12 costs around $6.50 (54c/condom).

Key Benefits

  • 60mm width offers comfortable fit
  • Enhanced silicone lubricant for heightened sensation
  • Available in bulk for great cost savings

Best Latex Free Condoms

Advances in condom technology have seen a plethora of latex-free condoms being made in alternative materials including polyisoprene and polyurefane.

This has generally been in search of producing thinner condoms, however latex suffers rejoice as these alternative materials offer then a latex-free condom experience.

Our contenders for best latex-free condom are;

  • Durex Real Feel
  • Ansell SKYN

Durex Real Feel

durex real feel condoms

The Durex Real Feel are an ultra-thin, non-latex condom that delivers.

Made from polyisoprene and measuring 56mm, they deliver a fantastic skin-on-skin feeling.

Even if you’re not allergic to latex, Durex Real Feel can offer something different.


Now available from Amazon at $42 for 3x packs of 10 ($1.40/condom).

Key Benefits

  • Polyisoprene construction offers great heat transfer
  • 56mm width & Easy-on shape for comfort fit

Ansell Skyn

ansell skyn condoms

Ansell SKYN® condoms are made from a super soft, skin-like polyisoprene material, making them just as strong as regular latex condoms yet easier to use than other non-latex polyurethane condoms.

They’re a great condom with an attractive combination of comfort and strength.

Find them on Amazon Australia


Polyisoprene is a premium condom material and, as such, adds to the cost of these condoms.

The cheapest way to buy Ansell Skyn’s is via a pack of 40 via Amazon which costs ~$29 (73c/condom). In either sized, these are a premium priced condom at the high-end of the market.

Key Features

  • Great for those with latex allergies
  • Nominal width of 53mm (regular size)
  • Pre-lubricated for added comfort


The best way to find the best condom for you of course (and an awesome excuse) is to try them out.

If you’ve been using the same condom for a long time, try something new – you’d be surprised at the difference it makes to both you and your partner’s experience!

Have we missed anything? Do you have a ‘firm favourite’ that you’d like us to include? Please do let us know!

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