The Best Condoms in Australia – Ranked & Reviewed

Condoms are available in so many different shapes, sizes, colours and materials that the choice can often be a little overwhelming. This article will help you understand how to identify the best condoms for both you and your partner.

By Team Spafe

29 July 2023
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How we picked

Quality: We selected condoms from reputable brands, ensuring they meet stringent Australian safety standards, providing peace of mind.

Availability: We only included condoms that are widely accessible in Australia, both online and in supermarkets, chemists, servos etc

Comfort: We’ve selected condoms across a variety of sizes and styles, because we’re all different and the best condom is one that fits and is comfortable for you and your partner.

Price: We’ve considered value and quality, offering condoms to fit every budget. Whilst certain specialist sections contain premium priced condoms, the best condoms are not always the most expensive.

Best Ultra Thin Condoms

Our Top Pick
Sagami 0.01
Sagami 0.01 is our top choice for its remarkable thinness, providing an incredibly natural and intimate experience.
Runner Up
LELO Hex secures the second spot with its revolutionary hexagonal structure, ensuring strength and thinness combined for a pleasurable encounter.
Still Great
Ansell ZERO
Ansell ZERO clinches the third position by offering outstanding sensitivity and reliability, making it an ideal option for a heightened and worry-free experience.

Advances in condom manufacturing technology and materials, coupled with high market demand, have led to condoms becoming increasingly available in ‘thin’ varieties

‘Thin’ refers to the thickness of the condom wall (the condom material) which, for thin and ‘ultra-thin’ condoms, is typically 50% of a standard condom.

It’s common for Ultra-thin condoms to also have a smaller nominal width (i.e. girth). This provides a tighter fit, which can again contribute to a thinner wall through being stretched, and heightened sensitivity.

Sagami 0.01

  • World’s thinnest condoms at just 0.01mm
  • Almost-natural feel for heightened pleasure.
  • A great choice for skin-on-skin sensation.
sagami original 001 condoms

0.01s are truly something else. Extremely thin and practically transparent, they make other condoms look archaic.

Back in 2013, they established themselves as the world’s thinnest condoms, and to this day, no one has beaten that record. Plus, they’re made of polyurethane, a tough polymer alternative to latex, which means no more latex smell!

Sagamis come in adorable white tubs, so no more dealing with those seedy ramen-packet-looking wrappers. Convenience and cuteness—yes, please!

Sure, these little luxuries might be pricier than your standard condom brands, but investing in a 0.01 is well worth it.


  • Thinner and more comfortable than most condoms.
  • Extremely durable, providing peace of mind during intimate moments.
  • Unique hexagonal structure adds a slight texture for enhanced sensation.
lelo hex condom

LELO Hex condoms promise to revolutionise safe and intimate moments with their innovative design. Unlike traditional condoms, they are thinner, more comfortable, and highly durable, providing a more pleasurable experience without compromising safety. The unique hexagonal structure ensures strength and a slight texture for added sensation.

The condoms come in a stylish, classy white box, and each is individually wrapped in user-friendly wax paper, making them easy to tear and use – no more slippery wrappers. The thinness of the condoms is impressive, and the anti-slip grip ensures they stay in place during intercourse.

Overall, LELO Hex condoms are a game-changer for those seeking comfort, form-fitting condoms, and a heightened experience. They excel in performance and are worth the investment for a luxury product like this. If you want to add a touch of excitement to your intimate moments, these condoms are an excellent choice. So go ahead, explore, and stay safe while enjoying every moment of pleasure!

Ansell ZERO

  • Ultra-thin for heightened pleasure.
  • Convenient, no-fuss packaging.
  • Odourless, enhancing the experience.
ansell lifestyles zero condoms

Unlike traditional condoms, the Ansell Zero is all about maximizing sensation while still ensuring maximum protection.

These condoms are incredibly thin at 0.05mm, offering a natural and intimate feel during those special moments. You’ll forget you’re even wearing one, allowing you to focus entirely on pleasure.

One of the standout features of the Ansell Zero is its ease of use. They come with a simple, no-fuss packaging that makes grabbing one and getting down to business a breeze. No more fumbling around with wrappers – just pure convenience.

And let’s talk about the scent – or rather, the lack of it. Ansell Zero condoms are virtually odourless, putting an end to any worries about unpleasant latex smells.

While they excel in comfort and thinness, Ansell Zero doesn’t compromise on strength thanks to teh usual Ansell quality. 

Widely available in chemists, supermarkets and online, they’re a fantastic choice for those who value pleasure and convenience.

Best Non-Latex Condoms

Our Top Pick
Durex Real Feel
An exceptional condom offering an authentic and pleasurable sensation, mimicking skin-to-skin contact.
Runner Up
Ansell SKYN
Standing out as an excellent non-latex option, this condom ensures a natural feel and is widely available on and offline.
Still Great
GLYDE Unique
Ultra-thin design with maximum comfort, pre-lubrication, and discreet credit card-sized packaging.

Latex-free condoms are specifically designed for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities.

These condoms are made from alternative materials such as polyurethane, polyisoprene, or nitrile, providing a safe and enjoyable option for those unable to use latex. Offering a natural feel, they ensure a pleasurable and worry-free intimate experience.

Durex Real Feel

  • Delivered the most natural skin-like texture in our testing
  • Comfortable fit that feels less intrusive during
  • Reliable Durex quality
ansell lifestyles zero condoms

When it comes to catering to those with latex allergies or sensitivities, Durex Real Feel is a winner. No more itching or discomfort—just smooth sailing in the bedroom.

What sets this condom apart is its real-feel factor. While Ansell SKYN and Glyde Unique put up a good fight, Durex manages to clinch the title by offering a more authentic skin-to-skin sensation. It’s like getting the best of both worlds—intimacy and protection in one package.

Now, there’s always room for improvement. While Durex Real Feel is our top pick, we would love it if Durex offered an ultra-thin version. Ansell SKYN and Glyde Unique may have an edge in this department.

But hey, every product has its pros and cons, and Durex Real Feel comes out on top for its overall performance. So, if you’re looking for the best non-latex condom on the market, this one’s got the crown for a reason.

Ansell SKYN

  • Enhanced sensitivity with polyisoprene material.
  • Superior soft and natural texture.
  • Available in other variations of textures, flavours etc
ansell skyn

One of the most outstanding features of SKYN condoms is that they are not limited to individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities. Couples from all walks of life enthusiastically embrace them as a superior alternative to latex condoms. The remarkable heat transfer capability of these condoms further enhances the overall experience, setting them apart from traditional options.

SKYNs feature long-lasting, ultra-smooth lubrication, ensuring a truly pleasurable encounter. Manufactured to the highest global standards by Lifestyles (known as Manix in Europe and Ansell here in Australia), these condoms offer reliability, quality, and an unmatched level of sensation.

Whether you seek an alternative to latex or simply desire heightened sensitivity, the Ansell SKYN condom collection emerges as the perfect choice, delivering unparalleled pleasure and peace of mind during intimate moments.

Glyde Unique

  • Ultra-thin for heightened pleasure.
  • Convenient, no-fuss packaging.
  • Odourless, enhancing the experience.
ansell lifestyles zero condoms

GLYDE Unique Non Latex Condoms claim a well-deserved third place in the latex-free category. 

Crafted from ultra-thin materials, they prioritise sensitivity, ensuring you don’t miss out on any intimate sensations with your partner. The colourless, odourless, and hypoallergenic design adds to the appeal, providing a distraction-free encounter.

We do like the portability of the credit-card shaped 3-pack size, however it might not be ideal for long-term use.

If you’re seeking a latex-free option that offers both comfort and portability, these condoms are an excellent option.

Best Small Condoms

Our Top Pick
Four Seasons Naked Closer
The top choice among small condoms, offering an exceptional fit and heightened sensitivity for a truly intimate experience.
Runner Up
Glyde Slim Fit
A close runner-up with its snug fit and non-toxic, vegan-friendly materials, ensuring both comfort and peace of mind.
Still Great
Ansell LifeStyles Closer Fit
Not far behind, this condom provides a reliable and comfortable fit, ideal for those seeking a smaller size option without compromising on quality.

Using the right size condom is imperative for both safety and enjoyment.

An ill-fitting condom (especially one that is too and becomes loose) is not only uncomfortable, but also not as effective in preventing pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s).

If you find that ‘regular’ sized condoms simply don’t fit in terms of slipping off during use or don’t feel as snug as you’d expect, then small condoms could be the right choice for you. Most smaller sized condoms offer a snugger fit thanks to a narrower width, typically around 48-50mm.

Four Seasons Naked Closer

  • Exceptional fit for enhanced pleasure.
  • Heightened sensitivity during intimate moments.
  • Comfortable and secure design.
ansell lifestyles zero condoms
The Four Seasons Naked Closer Condoms impressed me with their snug fit and ultra-thin design. They offered heightened sensitivity, making me feel intimately connected with my partner. The added measuring tool was a thoughtful touch, ensuring a personalised fit for a more enjoyable experience. Trustworthy and reliable, these condoms didn’t compromise on safety. The brand’s ethical considerations added to my peace of mind. Although they might be snug for larger sizes, for an affordable price, they’re easily accessible. Elevate your intimacy with the Four Seasons Naked Closer Condoms and indulge in pleasure with confidence.

Glyde Slim Fit

  • Snug fit for a natural feel.
  • Non-toxic and vegan-friendly materials.
  • Ethical choice for environmentally conscious users
ansell lifestyles zero condoms

Ranked only after Four Seasons Naked Closer, Glyde Slim Fit condoms are designed with a smaller 49mm nominal width, providing a snug fit that caters to your needs. Moreover, they proudly hold the distinction of being eco sustainable and vegan-friendly, reflecting their commitment to ethical choices.

Glyde Slim Fit condoms stand out with their ultra-thin design, thinner than a human hair, delivering an extraordinary skin-on-skin feeling that intensifies connection and pleasure with your partner.

Made with 100% natural latex and featuring premium lubrication, these condoms prioritise both comfort and safety.

In our small condoms roundup, Glyde Slim Fit condoms have proven their worth, offering an exceptional intimate experience that keeps you and your partner satisfied and protected.

Ansell LifeStyles Closer Fit

  • Reliable and comfortable small condom option.
  • Allows for a secure and enjoyable experience.
  • Trusted brand with a focus on quality.
lifestyles closer fit

Ansell LifeStyles Closer Fit condoms have earned a commendable 3rd position in our roundup of small condoms for several reasons.

Specifically designed with a tighter shape, they offer a closer fit that enhances intimacy for users seeking a more personalized experience. The straight fit and reservoir end provide a comfortable and secure experience.

While they provide a snug and tailored fit, some users might prefer the slightly thinner design and ultra-sensitivity offered by the top two contenders, Four Seasons Naked Closer and Glyde Slim Fit condoms.

Nevertheless, Ansell LifeStyles Closer Fit condoms are a reliable choice, with a lubricated, smooth surface and a natural colour that further adds to the overall experience. Their 49mm nominal width caters to those looking for a more compact fit.

Ansell LifeStyles Closer Fit condoms offer a closer fit for heightened intimacy and comfort. While they hold the 3rd spot in our roundup, they remain a respectable option for users seeking a snug and reliable condom choice.

Best Large Condoms

Our Top Pick
Ansell LifeStyles Large
Tailored for larger sizes with a 58mm width, these condoms provide a secure and comfortable fit, enhancing intimacy and confidence.
Runner Up
Glyde MAXI
Catering to larger sizes with a 60mm width, these condoms offer a comfortable and roomy fit, ensuring both pleasure and protection during intimate moments.
Still Great
Four Seasons Naked King
Perfectly suited for well-endowed individuals, these condoms offer a generous (64mm) and tailored fit, ensuring a natural and satisfying experience.

If you or your partner are more generously endowed and find that regular-sized condoms feel restrictive or uncomfortable, then it’s time to explore a better-fitting option that offers both security and peace of mind. Large condoms are specifically designed to cater to those seeking a more accommodating and secure fit, reducing the risk of breakage during intimate moments.

Unlike standard condoms, which typically measure around 52mm in width, large condoms come in a range of sizes that typically span from 56-64mm in width. This additional width provides a more comfortable and snug fit, ensuring a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience for both partners.

By opting for large condoms, you can embrace intimacy without the worry of potential discomfort or slippage. A secure and well-fitted condom is crucial for ensuring both pleasure and protection during intimate encounters.

Ansell LifeStyles Large

  • Secure and comfortable fit (58mm width)
  • Tailored for larger sizes
  • Enhances intimacy and pleasure
lifestyles large

Designed with a special Easy-Fit shape, these condoms truly live up to their name, making them easier to put on with added comfort during use.

The larger, comfort fit with a reservoir end ensures a secure and pleasurable experience, catering to those seeking a more accommodating option.

From the moment I opened the pack, I noticed the smooth surface and natural colour of these condoms, adding to the intimacy and natural feel of the experience. The lubricated surface, which is non-spermicidal, further enhanced the overall smoothness, ensuring seamless and enjoyable intimate moments.

With a nominal width of 56mm, the Easy-Fit Larger Condoms provide the perfect balance of comfort and security. The additional width ensures a snug fit without feeling restrictive, offering confidence and peace of mind.

The Easy-Fit shape makes them a breeze to use, while the larger size ensures a comfortable and secure fit for a more enjoyable experience.

Glyde Maxi

  • Great ‘in-between’ width at 56mm
  • Ultra-thin for heightened sensitivity
  • Vegan friendly
ansell lifestyles zero condoms

With a generous 56mm nominal width, Glyde Maxi is classified as a “large” condom, striking the ideal balance between their “standard” 54mm and “extra-large” 60mm options. This sizing ensures a secure and comfortable fit, eliminating any worries of discomfort or slippage during intimate moments.

What instantly impressed me was the promise to “feel everything” with Glyde condoms, and the Maxi did not disappoint. 

One significant advantage of Glyde Maxi condoms is their composition with 100% natural latex, eliminating any concerns about harmful additives. Their premium lubrication further enhances the overall experience, offering a seamless and enjoyable encounter.

As someone who values eco-friendly choices, I appreciated the fact that Glyde condoms are both vegan-friendly and eco sustainable. This aligns with my desire to be responsible not just to myself but to the environment as well.

Unlike many other condoms that might have an unpleasant latex smell or taste, Glyde Maxi proved to be free of such distractions, further adding to the sheer pleasure of intimacy.

In conclusion, Glyde Maxi Condoms from Australia’s trusted condom brand offer a superior experience for those seeking a larger fit. With their unbeatable thinness, unmatched sensitivity, and eco-friendly attributes, Glyde Maxi is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Four Seasons Naked King

  • Impressive 64mm width, aproaching extra large
  • Sheer yet strong sensation
  • Extra-long for a perfect fit
four seasons naked larger

Being Four Seasons’ largest condom with an impressive 64mm width, the NAKED King Size condoms offer an extra wide diameter and a longer length, catering to those seeking an extra-large fit for a regal experience.

Made with ultra-thin latex, the NAKED King Size condoms deliver an intimate, skin-on-skin sensation while ensuring reliability and security during intimate moments.

The transparent design adds to the intimacy, allowing for a more natural and genuine connection with my partner. The lubricated surface, non-spermicidal and featuring a reservoir end, further enhanced the smoothness and overall pleasurable experience.

The Four Seasons NAKED King Size Condoms reign supreme as the largest in the Four Seasons range, offering an unparalleled experience in size and sensation. With their sheer thinness and extra-large fit, they provide the perfect combination of pleasure and protection.

Wrapping it up

The best way to find the best condom for you of course (and an awesome excuse) is to try them out.

If you’ve been using the same condom for a long time, try something new – you’d be surprised at the difference it makes to both you and your partner’s experience!

Have we missed anything? Do you have a ‘firm favourite’ that you’d like us to include? Please do let us know!


  1. What condoms feel the best?

    The feel of a condom is highly subjective and can depend on individual preferences. Some people may prefer thinner condoms for a more natural feel, while others may opt for textured ones to enhance sensation. It’s always best to try out different types and brands to figure out which ones you prefer.

  2. What are the best condoms in Australia?

    There are many great condom brands available in Australia, which ones are the best for you will depend on your personal preferences. Factors to consider when choosing a condom include its material, size, thickness, texture, and whether it has any added features like lubrication or spermicide. It’s a good idea to try different ones to find out what suits you best.

  3. What condoms feel the best for men?

    The ‘best feeling’ condoms for men can vary greatly based on personal preference. Some men might prefer ultra-thin condoms for maximum sensitivity, while others might prefer ribbed or dotted ones for enhanced sensation. It’s recommended to try out different styles to find out what works best for you.

  4. What are the best condoms for her?

    The best condoms for her will depend on individual preferences. Some women might find textured condoms more pleasurable, while others might prefer thin ones for a more natural feel. Condoms with additional lubrication can also enhance comfort. The key is to have open communication and experiment together to find what works best.

  5. What condoms are best for the first time?

    For the first time, it might be best to go with a standard latex condom that fits well. Look for one that comes with lubrication to help reduce friction. Over time, you can explore different types, sizes, and textures according to your comfort and preference.

  6. What is the best brand of condoms to buy?

    The best brand of condoms to buy is subjective and depends on personal preferences and needs. Consider factors like comfort, fit, material, and any added features you might want such as texture or additional lubrication. Some brands may also offer variety packs, which can be a good way to try different styles and find the one you prefer.

  7. What are the best condoms for pleasure?

    Condoms designed for pleasure often include features like ribbing, studs, or a particular shape designed to increase sensation. Ultra-thin condoms can also enhance sensitivity for both partners. However, what brings the most pleasure will vary greatly from person to person, so it’s important to explore and find what works best for you and your partner.

  8. What condoms are best for sensitive skin?

    If you or your partner has sensitive skin, it might be best to choose condoms made from hypoallergenic materials like polyurethane or polyisoprene. Natural latex can sometimes cause reactions in individuals with latex allergies, so avoiding latex condoms might be beneficial in these cases.

  9. Which are the best condoms for lasting longer?

    Some condoms are designed to help prolong arousal, often by using a small amount of benzocaine in the tip to slightly numb sensations. However, it’s important to remember that what works best will vary from person to person. Communication with your partner and practicing control can also play a crucial part in prolonging sexual encounters.

  10. What lube is best with condoms?

    When using condoms, it’s best to use a water-based or silicone-based lubricant. These are safe to use with latex and non-latex condoms and can help reduce the risk of breakage. Avoid oil-based lubricants as they can damage latex condoms and make them less effective.

  11. Where is the best place to keep condoms?

    Condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, which can degrade the material over time. It’s not recommended to store them in your wallet or car for long periods due to potential exposure to heat and friction. Always check the expiration date before use.

Remember, the best condom is the one that fits well and feels comfortable for both partners. Open communication, experimentation, and understanding of each other’s needs and preferences are key to a satisfying and safe sexual experience.