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How to Use Condoms

Condoms are essential for safe sex, but are only effective in protecting against STD’s and pregnancy when used properly.

Here’s our top tips to ensure proper usage;

Step 1 – Store Condoms Properly

  • Keep condoms away from heat and out of direct sunlight as this can weaken the latex which make condoms split or break more easily.
  • Keeping condoms in your wallet or purse is a great way to always be prepared. It’s a good idea however to swap them out now and again as the heat and constant friction in a wallet can again cause the condom to become weaker and less effective.

Step 2 – Open Carefully With Your Hands

  • Before opening,  check the expiry date printed on the wrapper and never use condoms that are past their expiry.
  • Wooaah there cowboy/girl – you might think you look cool opening condom packets with your teeth, however you could tear a hole in the condom.
  • Open condom packets with your hands taking care if you have long nails.

Step 3 – Prepare the Penis

  • An obvious one, but make sure you’re hard before you put a condom on. It kind of doesn’t work if you’re not!
  • If you’re not circumcised, pull back your foreskin before putting the condom on. If you’re circumcised, go for it.

Step 4 – Put The Condom On

  • Make sure you put the condom on the right way around. If you get it wrong, don’t flip the condom over and try again as the condom could already have sperm on it from the tip of your penis. Just get a new condom – they’re not expensive (and cheaper than kids)
  • When applying the condom, squeeze the reservoir tip before rolling the condom down the shaft. This creates space for ejaculate to go and helps reduce the chances of breakage or leakage.
  • Roll the condom all the way down the shaft. If the condom is too small to reach the base then use a larger condom.
  • If you find condoms a bit dry in use, apply some lubricant. Use only water-based lubricant as oil-based lubricants can weaken latex. Most condoms are pre-lubricated but you can also buy non-lubricated condoms.

Step 5 – Dispose Safely

  • When removing the condom, hold the teat gently and slide the condom off your shaft. It’s easier to do this when you’re still hard. Most of the ejaculate should be in the reservoir teat teat.
  • Tie a knot in the condom, wrap in a tissue and place in the bin. Never flush condoms down the toilet as they can block the toilet and even come back up.
  • Only use condoms once! If you’re lucky enough to be having sex with more than one person at a time, use a new condom for each person. Same applies for sex toys – always use a new condom and never transfer.
  • Using a condom in the shower or underwater? That’s fine but it’s best to put the condom on before you turn the water on to ensure a tight, firm fit. If the fit starts to feel loose stop immediately.

How to Reduce Condom Breakage

Most condom breakages are caused by people who don’t know how to use condoms properly.

Here’s some tips on how to reduce condom breakage:

  1. Always use water-based lubricant.
  2. Use lots of lubricant
  3. Use a condom that fits. If a condom feels tight, then it is. Use a larger condom. If it feels loose, go for something smaller. Pride costs less than kids or HIV.
  4. Be careful when opening a condom package and applying a condom – avoid contact with teeth, nails and other sharp objects.
  5. Avoid using condoms with piercings – they can catch and cause holes.
  6. Don’t use condoms that have been exposed to heat or direct sunlight.

So there you have it – lots of condom tips to help you use condoms correctly, reduce breakages and increase your chances of safe, enjoyable sex.

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