Buying Condoms

How Much Do Condoms Cost?

The cost of condoms is dependant on where you buy them, brand, type and quantity.

In Australia, condoms cost from $0.50 – $2 each from retail stores however condoms are also available for free from family planning clinics.

Whats in this guide?

  • Price comparison of 15 different condoms in Australia
  • Comparison of condom cost by brand
  • Comparison of condom cost by type (E.g. ultra thin, ribbed etc)
  • The most expensive and cheapest condoms
  • How the type of condom impacts price
  • Cost of buying condoms online vs in retail stores

Condom Cost Comparison

The three main brands in most retail and online stores in Australia are Ansell, Durex & Four Seasons.

For our comparison test, we have taken a sample of 15 different types of condoms available at and in-store.

We’ve also included pricing from two independent condom brands, Momentum and jonny whose condoms can be bought directly via their website or other online retailers.

Condom Prices

Prices are as of August 2020.


Ansell Lifestyles AssortedVariety$9.9020$0.50
Ansell Lifestyles Ultra ThinUltra Thin$9.9020$0.50
Ansell Lifestyles Ultra ThinUltra Thin$6.5010$0.65
Ansell Lifestyles RegularRegular$9.9020$0.50
Ansell Lifestyles RegularRegular$6.5010$0.65
Ansell Lifestyles ZeroNon-latex$9.0010$0.90
Ansell Lifestyles Ultimate Ribbed$6.5010$0.65
Durex Featherlite Ultra ThinUltra Thin$15.0030$0.50
Durex Featherlite Ultra ThinUltra Thin$6.8010$0.68
Durex RegularRegular$15.0030$0.50
Durex Pleasure MeRibbed$6.5010$0.65
Four Seasons Naked CloserUltra Thin$7.0012$0.58
Four Seasons Naked LargerLarge$7.0012$0.58
Four Seasons Naked Delay StimulationRibbed$7.0012$0.58


10 Momentum Condoms For HER/HIM/THEMRegular$19.9910$1.99
jonny WeekenderRegular$9.956$1.65
jonny Lovers DozenRegular$15.9513$1.22


In our research, Ansell is the most affordable condom brand in Australia, with an average cost per condom of 53 cents. Ansell also offers both the most expensive condom available (Skyn at 89c per condom) and the cheapest condom in the Ansell Lifestyles Regular 24 Pack, ‘coming in’ at just 33 cents each.

In terms of the difference in cost between the ‘big two’ brands, you’re generally paying a 20% premium to use Durex condoms over Ansell.

chart of condom cost by brand

In contrast, Momentum condoms are the most expensive brand of the four at $1.95 per condom.

Note: To ascertain cost fairly between brands, we included all condom types except Non-latex as these are premium condoms that, depending on the range provided by the brand, heavily skew the average pricing.

Condom Type & Material

ribbed for her pleasure...ewwwww (Garth from Waynes World)

No surprises that your plain, jane, regular condoms are the cheapest kind at $0.55 a piece.

Generally, you pay more for a condom with some kind of feature.

chart of condom cost by type


If you’re larger than the average man, then you’re looking at a 5% premium (+3 cents) to ‘go large’ and buy yourself a condom that fits.


Wanting to make things interesting and add ribbed edges to the equation? That’s a pricey 15% premium (+10 cents).


Equally, in a rare instance of ‘less in more’ in this conversion, you’ll also pay a 5% premium for ‘ultra-thin’ condoms containing less material than standard, regular condoms.


Finally, the highest premium at a whopping 65% increase (+35 cents), is paid for non-latex condoms (E.g. polyisoprene)

These condoms are more-so marketed as ‘ultra-ultra-thin’, E.g. Ansell Skyn, than to cater for those with latex allergies. Why? You could suggest there are more people out there who want to ‘feel more’ from sex with a condom than those with latex allergies….

Buying Condoms Online vs Offline

The addition of postage fee’s for buying smaller quantities of condoms (E.g. 12/24 packs) makes buying online often more expensive than simply walking into Woolies or Chemist Warehouse and picking up a pack of dingers.

Online condom stores, however, do provide the luxury of a much wider selection of condoms, catering for a wider range of sizes (from 48 – 60mm nominal width) – which is key to finding a condom that fits well – as well as additional brands, materials, colours and flavours.

Most importantly, online stores offer the ability to order condoms in bulk.

Not sure which condom is best suited to you? We recommend testing a variety of different condoms and cover some of the best condoms available on the market for you to try.

Buying Condoms in Bulk

If you are a regular condom user then you may benefit from buying condoms in bulk. You can buy bulk boxes of 144 condoms from Ansell, Four Seasons and Glyde.

Buying condoms in bulk is a lot cheaper.

If you back yourself to use them before expiry then go for it and not only do you get to enjoy more sex, but you’ll also enjoy the thought in the back of your mind of the savings you’re making. Or maybe thats just me….

Anyway, a box of 144 Ansell condoms will cost around $35 plus P&P, say of $8 via Australia Post. $43 for 144 condoms equates to $0.29 per condom.

Glyde also offer condoms in bulk in boxes of 100 for ~$25 retail reflecting $0.25 per condom.

Online stores also often have sales and/or free shipping offers which can make this even more affordable.

What’s The Most Expensive Way to Buy Condoms?

Buying single 1-pack of condoms via vending machines in bathrooms at pubs, bars, clubs, gas stations etc is, by far, the most expensive way to buy condoms however it is still a damn sight cheaper than kids 🙂

cost of condoms vs children
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