Spafe.com.au was born in 2013 as an online condom shop providing a wider range of condoms to Australians who found generic, off-the-supermarket-shelf, options didn’t fit, were uncomfortable or simply just too expensive. We passionately believe that condoms can be comfortable to wear during sex and you need not ‘feel less’ – you just need to find the right size for you. Much like running in shoes that are the wrong size… it hurts to have shoes too small, and dangerous to wear shoes that are too big.

Whilst our condom customer base grew quickly, there were was a notable issue in the supply chain of these products with unpredictable stock levels and price variations from our suppliers let alone any information on the expiry date of the condoms being bought. Overall, supplier prices increased and we were unable to pass on this value to our customers whilst retaining the margin we needed to run the business.

In 2014 the site pivoted for a brief time to selling adult toys. In a competitive and crowded marketplace, we struggled to provide value and opted to close the site down in 2015. Ultimately, on reflection, we had no passion for adult toys. We have nothing against them – they can form a healthy part of any sex life, however, we are more aligned to helping the promotion of fun, but safe sex.

In 2017, we had a pang of guilt that all the helpful information we’d been writing about condoms and safe sex had disappeared into the ether, so we’re working on bringing this information back to the masses to help prevent the spread of disease and angst, however, we can.