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Sokkie Ultra Thin Condoms Review

Our Verdict

I try to make more conscientious purchases when I can because… well, generally they end up being better for both my health and the environment. Yes, they might cost a little bit more sometimes however we make these balancing decisions every day whether we’re buying veggies or clothes.

Sokkie condoms offer a fantastic combination of being vegan-friendly, containing no chemicals and offering first class comfort and sensation. Their 53mm width and ultra-thin design provide both a great feeling and inspire confidence in strength. Pricier than standard supermarket condoms but worth it if you value quality and lowering your exposure to chemicals. Definitely one to try.

What we like

  • Made with just three natural ingredients. No chemicals.
  • Barely noticeable in use but also inspire confidence in strength
  • Available on subscription to ensure a regular supply
  • Support an Australian business based in Sydney

Not so much

  • Premium priced, however you do get what you pay for
  • Available online at Amazon and in stores in NSW & WA but not yet to the rest of Australia
  • Largest box is on just 12. A years supply for some of us but others may wish for larger quantities. On the flip side, subscription model offers fresh condoms delivered regularly.

Feature Summary

StyleUltra Thin
ShapeEasy-on straight wall with teat end
MaterialNatural rubber latex
LubricatedYes, hypoallergenic silicone oil

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sokkie Condoms vegan friendly?

Yes, Sokkie condoms are vegan friendly. They don’t contain the animal-based protein ‘casein’ (derived from milk) which is commonly used to soften latex.

How much do Sokkie condoms cost

A box of 12 Sokkie condoms cost $19.90, a box of 6 $13.90 and a box of 3 $7.90 (AUD).

How thin are Sokkie condoms?

Sokkie condoms are just 65 microns thick and provide an ultra-thin sensation.

What material are Sokkie condoms made of?

Sokkie condoms are made of just 3 ingredients; natural rubber latex (80%), silicone oil (18%) and cornstarch (2%)