A Guide to Durex Condom Sizes

By Team Spafe

16 December 2022

Durex has established itself as one of the leading condom brands thanks to its commitment to product safety and innovation while still offering quality products at an affordable cost

The brand has a diverse range of condoms that cater for all kinds of customers.

Durex Condom Size Comparison

To simplify the process of choosing the right Durex condom size for your needs, we have prepared a comprehensive comparison table that highlights the key features and specifications of Durex's Small, Standard/Medium, and Large condom sizes. This table serves as a handy reference to help you quickly identify the size that best suits you or your partner.

Durex Thin Feel
Durex Originals
Durex Invisible Ultra Thin
Durex Extra Time
Durex Pleasure Me
Extra-thin condom in a regular size.
Regular thickness in a larger size
Extra-thin condom in a large size.
Climax-control condoms, regular size
Textured condoms in larger sizes
Width: 52mm, Length: 195mm (7.7 inches), Thickness: 0.055mm
Width: 56mm, Length: 195mm (7.7 inches), Thickness: 0.07mm
Width: 54mm, Length: 195mm (7.7 inches), Thickness: 0.055mm
Width: 53mm, Length: 180mm (7.1 inches), Thickness: 0.07mm
Width: 56mm, Length: 195mm (7.7 inches), Thickness: 0.07mm

Selecting the Best Size

Understanding and selecting the right Durex condom size is an essential aspect of responsible sexual health, contributing to both your comfort and safety during intimate moments.

Remember that the right fit not only enhances comfort but also plays a crucial role in preventing unintended pregnancies and protecting against sexually transmitted infections. It’s essential to prioritise your well-being and the well-being of your partner by choosing a condom size that suits your individual needs and preferences.


1: How do I determine the right Durex condom size for me?

To find the perfect fit, measure the length and girth of your erect penis. Durex provides size specifications for each condom variant, including length and width. Match your measurements with the recommended size on the product packaging. Remember that a snug fit is essential for both comfort and effectiveness, so choose accordingly.

2: Can I use a larger condom for extra comfort, even if I don’t have a particularly large penis?

While using a larger condom may seem like a comfortable choice, it’s important to stick to the size that corresponds to your measurements. Using a condom that is too large can increase the risk of it slipping off during intercourse, reducing its effectiveness. Always choose the size that offers the best fit based on your measurements for maximum safety and pleasure.

3. Are Durex condom sizes standardized, or do they vary by product type?

Durex offers a range of condom types, including latex, non-latex, and various textures. While the overall sizing guidelines remain relatively consistent, it’s essential to check the specific product packaging for size information. Different Durex products may have slight variations in size, so always refer to the packaging for accurate sizing details.

4: What should I do if I can’t find my exact size among Durex condom options?

If you find that your measurements fall between two Durex condom sizes, opt for the smaller size. A slightly tighter fit is generally preferable to a looser one, as it reduces the risk of slippage during intercourse. However, if you consistently find it challenging to achieve a comfortable fit, consider consulting a healthcare professional or exploring custom-fit condom options for a more tailored solution.