The best condoms for oral sex that don’t suck..or, well, do kind of suck

When it comes to oral sex, choosing the right condom can be a bit trickier. With so many different textures, flavours, and materials, it can be difficult to determine the best option for you and your partner.

By Team Spafe

8 February 2023

How we picked

Quality: We selected condoms from reputable brands, ensuring they meet stringent Australian safety standards, providing peace of mind.

Availability: We only included condoms that are widely accessible in Australia, both online and in supermarkets, chemists, servos etc

Comfort: We’ve selected condoms across a variety of sizes and styles, because we’re all different and the best condom is one that fits and is comfortable for you and your partner.

Price: We’ve considered value and quality, offering condoms to fit every budget. Whilst certain specialist sections contain premium priced condoms, the best condoms are not always the most expensive.

Our Top 3

Our Top Pick
LELO Hex is our top tick with its revolutionary hexagonal structure, ensuring strength and thinness combined for a pleasurable experience with peace of mind.
Runner Up
Sagami 0.01
Sagami 0.01 takes second spot with its remarkable thinness, providing an incredibly natural and intimate experience. Availability and price can be an isue.
Still Great
Ansell ZERO
Ansell ZERO clinches the third position by offering outstanding sensitivity and reliability, making it an ideal option for a heightened and worry-free experience.


  • Enhanced Pleasure: The thin, hexagonal design allows for greater sensitivity and a closer feel, making the sensations more intense and enjoyable during oral activities.
  • Reduced Distraction: The strong yet thin material minimizes the intrusive feel of the condom, making the experience feel more natural.
  • Reliable Protection: Despite the thinness, the hexagonal web within the condom provides durability, ensuring effective protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which is crucial even during oral sex.
lelo hex condom

Sagami 0.01

  • Feel in the Mouth and on the Tongue: The ultra-thin polyurethane material of Sagami 001 is smoother and less noticeable than thicker latex options. This minimizes the distracting rubbery texture and allows for a more natural interaction with the skin, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for the giver.

  • Heat Transfer: Polyurethane is excellent at conducting heat compared to latex. This means that Sagami 001 condoms allow for better transmission of body heat, enabling the giver to feel more of their partner’s warmth. This enhanced heat transfer makes the experience feel more intimate and less obstructed by the barrier of the condom.

  • Taste and Smell: While Sagami 001 condoms are not flavored, their polyurethane material does not have the strong latex smell associated with many other condoms. This lack of a strong odor can make the experience more pleasant and less distracting, focusing more on the act itself rather than the material of the condom.

sagami original 001 condoms

Ansell ZERO

  • Enhanced Sensitivity: The ultra-thin latex used in Ansell Zero condoms ensures that the texture and contours of the skin are more perceptible, allowing for a heightened tactile experience that closely simulates natural sensations.

  • Superior Heat Conduction: The thin material promotes better heat transfer, enabling the giver to feel more connected and responsive to their partner’s temperature changes during the act, enhancing the overall intimacy.

  • Reduced Distraction: With minimal latex odor and taste, Ansell Zero condoms are less likely to interfere with the experience, making them less noticeable and more comfortable to use, thereby keeping the focus on the pleasure of the interaction.

ansell lifestyles zero condoms