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How to Choose the Right Condom Size (Includes Condom Size Chart)

Condoms are a lot like a pair of jeans.

  • They’re available in a range of sizes but these sizes are different for everyone.
  • Theres nothing worse than a pair of jeans that are uncomfortably tight or loose.
  • Once you find a pair that fits… they feel amazing and become your ‘go to’

However, unlike jeans, many put less effort into finding a condom that fits them properly.

Perhaps this is due to the lack of clear sizing on packaging…or awareness that condoms are indeed available in a wide range of sized.

How would we fare if we had to buy jeans in small, medium or large?

Oh boy.

So, can we tell you a secret?

A condom that fits properly will make sex feel SO much better.

Like, ridiculously better.

If the condom is too small, you’re going to restrict blood flow which is uncomfortable, restricts sensation and even somewhat painful at climax. If the condom is too big, it’s going to slide around and again – impact sensation.

Just like Goldilocks’ porridge… the key is to get it juuuust right.

How to find a condom that fits in 3 steps

Step 1. Measure penis circumference

Condoms are measured in nominal width ranging from 49mm, for smaller condoms, up to 60mm for the larger sized.

Rather than measure penis width, it’s far easier and more accurate to measure the circumference and then convert to width.

So, grab a fabric/plastic tape measure and wrap it around the penis shaft, taking note of the measurement in millimetres.

Step 2. Convert circumference to width

Use our handy condom sizing conversion table to convert penis circumference to condom width.

You will then be able to reference the width when shopping around for condoms. When buying condoms online you’ll find often the condom width noted within the product description.

Offline, in chemists or supermarkets, the width will be noted on the packaging itself.

Condom Size Chart

Penis Circumference (mm)Condom Width (mm)
< 104< 47
104 – 11447 – 49
115 – 11950 – 51
120 – 12452 – 53
125 – 13053 – 54
131 – 14055 – 58
141 – 15059 – 62
> 150> 62

Step 3. Find a condom that fits

We recommend trying a variety of different condoms from different condom brands as condoms not only vary in width, but also length and shape which can also find a difference.

You can read our guide to the best condoms in Australia to find the right condom for you.

Here’s to more enjoyable safe sex!

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