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Ansell Lifestyles Zero Condoms Review

ansell lifestyles zero condoms

Our Verdict

Ansell ZERO condoms are one of the most popular ultra-thin condoms on the market. At just 0.05mm thin, they are Ansell’s thinnest condom.

With a 52mm nominal width, they are around 20% narrower than regular sized condoms which provides a tighter fit for increased sensation.

Buying in supermarkets and chemists can be costly at ~$10-12 per pack of 10, however you can often get a pack of 20 on Amazon for ~$12-16 with free delivery if you have Prime which works out a lot cheaper.

Whilst they do cost a premium, if you like how they feel then its a small price to pay! Our verdict – definitely worth a try to see how they feel for you.

What we like

  • Ansell’s thinnest condom at just 0.05mm provides increased sensation.
  • Widely available offline at most mainstream supermarkets and chemists as well as online.
  • Pre-lubricated with a long-lasting lubricant which can be great for extended use.

Not so much

  • Narrow (52mm) width can provide a constricted feel for some.
  • When purchased offline they are pretty price at ~$1-1.20 per condom. However, you get what you pay for.

Feature Summary

StyleUltra Thin
ShapeStraight wall with reservoir end
MaterialNatural rubber latex
LubricatedYes, Non-spermicidal

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ansell LifeStyles ZERO condoms safe?

Ansell Condoms are manufactured to the highest International standards ISO 4074:2002 and are electronically tested. They are subject to a rigorous quality control program and undergo several methods of testing.

Please read Instructions provided inside the pack carefully.

How much do Ansell LifeStyles ZERO condoms cost

A box of 10 Ansell LifeStyles ZERO condoms costs $10-12 in Australian supermarkets and chemists, working out ~$1-1.20 per condom.

What size are Ansell LifeStyles ZERO condoms?

Ansell LifeStyles ZERO condoms are 52mm in width, which is around 20% smaller than regular sized condoms. They are shaped to provide a tighter fit for increased sensation.

What material are Ansell LifeStyles ZERO condoms made of?

Ansell LifeStyles ZERO condoms are made of natural rubber latex. They also contain a non-spermicidal lubricant.

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